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Christmas 2007
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Merry Christmas from Dallas!

We Gables have officially graduated to air travel for Chirstmas.  Mom says it was beautiful.  She tears up just thinking about the comparison of a 2 hour direct flight to Dallas vs a 10 hour driving excursion.  We had 10 whole days this year in Texas so we got to see Janeice and Sonny, Peggy and of course Joy.  We went on dinosaur sight seeing trips at the natural history museum and saw the awesome train display at the mall that they hold every year.  A good time for everyone and this year no one got sick!


Dale Jr with his old number, Cool!

Out of my way, I've got shopping to do and meals to cook.

Granny, Could I borrow a cup of sugar?

I got to use Granny's kitchen from when she was a little girl. I cooked and cooked.

Aren't presents just the best.


Whirlpools make LOTS of bubbles. Quin called it his "beater bath"

Little Miss Bailey

Little Doggie Bailey

Uncle Chad, Bailey and Aeon

Cooking in the kitchen with Granny and Sissy

Cooking with Granny - now you know why Mom gained 5 pounds over Chirstmas!

Quin got to go see the trains with Granny. We couldn't catch a pic of his face for all the head snapping looking at trains.

Our future American Idol star, Quin

Joy, Sonny, Betty, Peggy and Janeice better known as the Amarillo Gang

Betty, Peggy and Janeice

Granny with her big boys

Sonny and Janeice

Granny's pretty girl playing makeup

Givin Granny Sugar

See my pretty bow?

Big Gordan!

Jesus' Birthday Party

Mommy squish Bailey

Quin and Bailey

Look at all the snow men!

Sleepy Baby Grace with her Daddy

Whew, all this Christmas'ing sure can wear a guy out.

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