Christmas 2005


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Merry Christmas to All!

 Being 2 1/2 now I really caught onto this whole idea of Christmas.  Although a little young to grasp the true meaning of the season, the presents part and getting cool toys I am all over!  I even busted Mom and Dad helping Santa put out toys Christmas night (amateurs) so at 5:24am Christmas morning I was headed for the living room at Granny's.  It was a great Christmas and I got to see almost all of my family at one point or another over the holiday.

First things first, here's my Thomas the Train Halloween Costume

And it was a little big but I had lots of fun trick or treating

Brad, Quin and Courtney (and 6 month along Itty Bitty)

A casualty of Aunt Joy's hair rolling

Woah! Where did all these leaves come from?

Givin Granny sugar

Dolly Granny and Me

Aunt Joy, Dolly, Bear and Granny

Aunt Suseanne, Uncle Chad and Cousin Tyler

Eating oatmeal with Granny

Eating red velvet cake with Granny (see a pattern? Hmmm!)

Reading my new Thomas book with Da

Santa and Granny got me lots of trains!

Santa Quin decorates (rather un-decorates) the tree

Wow! MORE presents!

Mom did a sepia collage of me for Dad's Christmas present

My memorable "terrible two's" moment

But overall I'm just a happy boy.

Mom found this picture from last Nov 2004 at the deer camp

And this picture from last Nov 2004. She can't believe how much I've grown.

Little Boy, BIG tractor - New Years 2006 at the deer camp

Me and my Cousin Sydney on the tractor

Cousin Sydney New Year's 2006

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