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The Terrible Two's come early!

 I sprung a good one on Mom and Dad.  I showed them the terrible two's can start before I'm actually 2!  Yeah, I'm exerting my independence a little and man are we all having fun.  Everything has to be explored.  I can climb and stack up stuff til I can reach what I want and get into all kinds of trouble.  Say goodbye to the baby days, I am a full blown toddler now and the next update I will be 2!

So how many shares of stock would you like?

Note to parents, boxes can get me into trouble

Note to Da, leaving your suitcase can get me into trouble

Liv and me on Easter Sunday

Cheating on hippo

My Granny is so much fun

Da catching a Quin fish

I can REALLY make a mess in the sandbox

Gables and Clingans 2005

Cookies with Grandpa

In my super man cape.

Still a snuggle baby

Snuggling with Grandpa

Grandma, Syd, Grandpa, and me


Syd with her Auntie Coco at tea on Syd's summer visit.

Syd was quite the glamour girl at tea!

Syd, my Grandpa and me

Look, Grandpa! A shiny new Craftsman mower.

Gable Lawn Mower races

Chad and Suzeanne sailing when they came to visit us in June

Here's me with Da on the beach

Uncle Chad and Cousin Tyler

Thanks for turning on the hose for me Wink

Gotta nap where you can

Toot! Toot! Thanks for the horn Joy

Da is picking me up by my ears!

Doggie treats from Uncle Kyle if you get in the cage...

Don't ask if I ate the doggie treat.

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