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 Busy times ...

 We had lots of fun at Juana's Good Time Regatta 2004 (the Wilson's let Dad drink beer and call us crew).  It was the weekend before IVAN.  A few pics of Ivan here too.  Mom and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's in MS but Dad stayed in Shalimar and took these cool pics the day after when he went home.  We were truly blessed and spared from any real damage.  And a few pics of me that Mom thought were too cute not to share...

Disney with Sara to visit the Stankowskis

Birthday Balloons last a long time!

I am in awe that Mom hasn't killed this flower yet.

Wow, now thats a little TV! (Daddy's big one was recalled)

I have new slippers!

Nice view from the front of the other Juanas Good Time Regatta 2004 competitors in dirty wind BEHIND us.

Andy and Lori before Ivan

Marie brings us into the lead at Juanas Good Time Regatta 2004

The Peach! Can you see why we call her the Peach?

Brad guessed 150+ boats moored out for the storm before he left. When he got home he counted 8.

Backyard after the storm

Nothing like waves in the yard!

Our Hobie Cats taking a nice wave.

This was Grandpa's cabinet lock!

And still beautiful after the storm.

Kind of odd that the boat named Twister made it. Check out some of the boats on the shore.

The ice machine that was on the Yacht Basins dock was washed up by the front gate that is in front of our house.

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