Thursday August 5, 2004


Well I made it!  I am one whole year old!   Just to catch you up on my progress, here’s what I’m up to on a daily basis:


  • At my 12 month checkup I weighed 24lb 5oz.   I am 31 ¼ inches long.   That puts me in the 90th percentile for height and a little above 60th percentile for weight.  Growth charts show that I will probably be around 6’1” if I keep on this track.
  • I have 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth with more on the way all the time.  So I can eat ANYTHING.  I once put a half a banana in my mouth.  I am kinda over baby food.  I want to pick everything up with my hands.  Mom has me working on using a spoon, but as far as I can tell right now they are just good for flingin’ stuff across the room.  I weaned right at the one year mark.  (Mom was really upset – not a big deal for me)  Just a sippy cup man these days.
  • I am walking EVERYWHERE.  Mom says my super hero name would be “Destructo” I kinda have a mind of my own.  I am really a good little fella but I don’t take real kindly to “NO  Mom and Dad don’t seem to be backing off any though.
  • I sleep about 11 or 12 hours at night.  I usually go up and take a bath around 7 and go to bed after that.  I wake Mom and Dad up between 6:30am and 7:00am usually.  I have found that you have to fling your sleeping buddy (in my case “Hippo”) and really go to yapping to wake them up.  Sometimes I even have to stand up in the crib and bang on the wall between my bedroom and theirs.  I take a couple of naps during the day for about an hour each.  Sometimes I change my nap schedule around just to keep Mom on her toes.
  • Playing, well I really just like to be on the go.  I love a good game of peek-a-boo.  My favorite entertainment is to play with Dad.  Mom is ok too.  I like taking things apart.  Not much on the putting them back together part yet.  I love to go in the bathroom and shut the door so it is totally dark.  Then I climb into the bathroom cabinets and wait for them to come find me.  I like helping Mom cook.  The best play spot is always right under her feet.  I have a swing in a big oak in the back yard.  I can swing and watch the boats come in.  I also love throwing balls and climbing anything they will let me.
  • My language skills are progressing nicely.  I speak in complete sentences and use nice inflections for effect.  Unfortunately Mom and Dad don’t speak my language so they are a little difficult to communicate with.  They are learning though.  I am saving that first word for something with real impact.
  • I had a great birthday.  I opened lots of presents and even learned to blow the party favors.  We had a swim party so I got to swim around in my boat with Mom.  Granny and cousin Tyler came in from Texas. 


That’s all for now!   I will try to keep you posted on all the cool new stuff I do.