18 mo – First molar!

       Surprise Mom!  I can open the bathroom door when you close it

       I can slide down the big slide at the park and climb back up it backwards.  I also love playing in the water fountain at the park. 

       I blow kisses to all the pretty ladies at Dr Sheldon’s office.  I am what they call a regular.

       I can say Ma and Da

       I can run and dance.  You should see me dance!  Mom says I am the most agile baby she has ever seen.  I can walk up and down stairs without holding onto anything.

       19 mo – I like to spin around in circles until I make myself fall down.

       I like to cover my head with a blanket or bucket and wander around until I bang into something.  I also like to go in the dark closet and close the door so it is totally black.  ???

       I can say a few words or at least get my point across.  My first real word (other than Ma) was IDE for OUTSIDE or HELLO (it is a tie).  I also say NA for BANANA.  DUH means the dog across the street.  I have a special sound for when I want yummy snacks that kind of sounds like smacking your lips when something tastes good. 

       I love to run away and make Mom run and catch me.

       Another surprise!  I can open the bathroom door, crawl up on the toilet, dive over and shimmy up onto the sink counter top, sit with my feet in the sink and turn on the water to watch it fill up my shoe.  ????