Now that I'm out of jail (the hospital) I take frequent trips down the street to Grandmere's so Mom can run errands.

         At one week, Grandpa and Grandma Quin came to see me!

         At 1 1/2 weeks I take my first trip out to dinner at Los Rancheros because Mom and Dad are starving!

         Thurs. Aug 14th - Granny Betty is here!  She knows just how to pat me on the butt to make me quit crying.  Mom says she is never letting Granny Betty leave.

         Sun. Aug 18th - At 2 1/2 weeks I took my first trip to Outdoor World to help Daddy pick out a new bow for deer season.

         Tues. Aug 20th - I went to see all my friends at CSC.

         Sat. Aug 23rd - Granny Betty leaves me spoiled rotten!

         Sat. Aug 23rd - First night at the deer camp.

         Sun Aug 24th - Took me 3 weeks but I got my first boat ride and swim in the bay!

         Tues. Aug 26th - I am one month old!

         Sept 13th and 14th - We win the Juana's Good Time Regatta 2003 again!

         Sept 24th - 7 weeks old - I smile at Mom all the time.  My 'unofficial' weight is 12.5 pounds!

         Sept 28th - My baptism day and the day we joined Shalimar Methodist Church

         Sept 29th - My official 2 month doctors appointment.   I am 12 lb 9 oz, 23.5 in long - that equates to the 75th percentile for height and weight.

         October 1st - I slept through the night and started trying to roll over.  Mom seems to really like that sleeping through the night thing but it makes my hungry hurt.

         October 14th - Granny Betty and Joy are here!

         October 20th - 11 weeks old and off to Animal Kingdom and Orlando with Mom and Dad

         November 5th - A little over 3 months and I take my first plane ride to help Mom do business at Little Rock AFB.  Granny goes along to keep me company while Mom works.

         November 7th - I reached out and grabbed my 'bug' on my activity mat.

         November 11th - I can stand up with a little help for balance, I coo and talk to everyone all the time.  I like to lay on my activity mat and bat my bugs and talk to the mirror.  And of course, I like to spit up and dirty my britches to keep Mom busy.  Sometimes when she looks really busy, I start crying just to make her walk over.  She falls for it every time.  On weekends, I like to sit with Dad and watch college football.   I like the team with the brightest colored jerseys. 

         November 27th - Thanksgiving!  I go to Grandpa's for the holiday and we all go to the Quin house for a huge Turkey dinner for all the Quins and Dressels

         December 2nd - 4 month checkup at Dr Rigby's - I am 16 pounds and 27 3/4 " long.  That puts me in the 95th percentile for length and around the 75th percentile for weight.

         Christmas 2003 - My first Christmas!  Wow was it fun.  All my family gets together and everyone is happy to see each other and hugging everyone and holding me.  It is great!  And the toys...who knew?

         New Years 2004.  Uncle Wink and Daddy put on this awesome fireworks display.  Daddy didn't even catch himself on fire!

         January 18th - 2004 - I am 5 1/2 months old and I laugh outloud when I get tickled (man, am I ever ticklish!)  I roll front to back and back to front.  I push up and grab stuff.  I "scoot"  Not really crawl, but I can eventually wiggle my way where I want.  I can stand up and hold onto stuff.  I eat twice a day and would eat more if Mom would let me.  The rest of the time it is just the Ninny.  Man is that good!  It's so good I often act hungry every couple of hours.  I sleep about 12 hours at night and another hour or so after I get some breakfast in my belly.   I don't like naps very much.

         February 2004 - I am 7 whole months old!  At my 6 month checkup I was 18 lbs 12 1/2 oz and 28" long.  2 weeks later I got my first ear infection (caught cooties at church) and it was the first time I was sick.  It had only been 2 weeks since my checkup and I was already 19 lbs 6 oz.  Yep, gonna be a big un'.  Busy months!  I went to see Grandma and Grandpa in MS, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Renee in New Orleans, went to the boat show in Miami, and went to see my Granny and Joy.  I am pulling up on my crib and getting better at crawling.

         March 16, 2004 - I will be 8 months on the 29th.  Mom says I am HUGE.  I am sitting up by myself.  I am pulling up on everything and everyone.  Getting even better at crawling.  I like to practice walking with some help.  I make lots of noise like squealing and babbling.  I eat 3 squares a day.  Only bad news is that I am teething.  Ouch!  Mom says I am the best thing she's ever done but the lowest paying, hardest  job she's ever had.

         May 18, 2004 - I am almost 10 months!   I am crawling everywhere.  "Cruising" along the edge of walls and tables.  I took 2 whole steps by myself yesterday.  I have 2 bottom teeth.  I talk a lot but no real words yet.  When Mom tells me NO I throw myself on the ground and bite it.  She says I have a temper already.   I eat 3 squares a day plus an afternoon snack.  At my last weigh in a month or so ago I was already 21 lbs. 4 oz.  Mom says I am the happiest baby she has ever seen. 

         July 14, 2004 - Mom says she is doing good just to get the pictures out there and there is so much news she doesn't know where to begin.  I started really walking at almost 11 months and I have been non stop action since.  I am taking everything out of all the cabinets that aren't licked up.  I am around 22 1/2 lbs.   I am still talking in complete sentences but they don't seem to understand me.  Mom says my super hero name is Destructo.