Sunday January 2, 2005


Wow have we been busy since we last posted a little note.  Let’s see if I can even begin to catch everyone up. 


  • At my 15 month checkup I weighed 26lb.   I am 33 ¼ inches long.   That puts me in the 95th percentile for height and a little above 60th percentile for weight
  • I have a lot of teeth now.  Mom says that she would love to tell you how many, but she is scared to try to get her hand in my mouth.  I am a little bit snaggle toothed at this point, but it goes nicely with my one ear that is a little flatter than the other.  Mom says it gives me character. 
  • “Turbo” is what Mom has taken to calling me in addition to “Destructo   I have a lot of places to go and a lot of things to get into and so little time. 
  • Since August I have been going to play school from 9-12 at Trinity Methodist.  It gives Mom a few hours to work and I get to play with Eric and Mrs. Weeks.  I have caught some cooties since I started going there but hopefully we are through the worst of that now. Since I am so big I only take one nap when I come home from school.  I still go to bed around 7:30 and sleep all night. 
  • We went to see Granny in late October just before Halloween.  We had a great time til the end.  Mom miscarried so it will be a little while before I get that little brother or sister.  Mom sure was glad Granny was there to help her. 
  • Halloween was a hoot.  I went to the Children’s Park with Olivia the night before Halloween and I went to Uncle Wink’s neighborhood for Halloween night.  I thought that going up and knocking on the door was cool but when they opened the door I wanted to go on in to everyone’s house.
  • Thanksgiving we went to Mississippi to reunite with all my Grandpa Quin’s family.  It sure was nice to see everyone.  I wanted to crawl under Great Grandma Quin’s 100 year old house and still don’t know why Mom wouldn’t let me.  We had lots of yummy food and enjoyed visiting with everyone.  Always enjoy going to see Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Mom said that it had been a little crazy this year and she just couldn’t do a Christmas party, but we did have fun visiting with old friends when we could and making the best of the season.  I was sick a lot in December so Mom was glad when I finally got well when I stopped going to school for the Christmas break.
  • Christmas this year we drove to Granny’s and it SNOWED!!  Yep, Snow.  That was the coolest.  It would stick to my eyelashes and make me blink.  I had a lot of fun playing in that.  As usual, Santa Claus was really good to me.  I got so much cool stuff I can’t even begin to talk about it all.  Granny has a little dog named Bear.  I LOVE dogs and Bear played with me the whole time.  It sure was nice to see everyone and especially my cousin Tyler.  He is 13 and really cool.
  • For New Years Uncle Scott and Sydney were here and we had a blast.  They brought me my first train set!  It is so cool.  I have had lots of fun playing with it.  We went to the deer lease so that Daddy and Uncle Wink could have a fireworks display that would be illegal anywhere else in the country.  The cows in that pasture really got a show.  Mom says that she is just glad Daddy didn’t set himself on fire.
  • So that is the recap.  Here I am at 17 months.  Mom says that I am the best thing she has ever done and she sure is enjoying every second she gets to spend with me.  She says that she wishes I would start speaking English instead of Quin-lish.  I am yet to say too much more that Mama and Dada but I communicate quite well.  Guess I should start using a few words so they will stop repeating things to me.  On Mom’s scale this morning I was already 28 pounds so I am really getting big.  I love to head out the front door and strike out for the park.  I know the way myself and Mom just follows along.  I love the big slides not those little baby slides. 


Hopefully that catches everyone up a little bit.  I will try to get Mom to update everything a little more often.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!