I have learned that you can reach all the cool stuff in drawers and on counters if you stand on your toys.

       20 mo – Still only saying MA for most everything.  An occasional NA for banana and IDE for Outside.  Something that sounds like HELLO when I talk on the play phone. 

       I have learned to hug.  I hug my MA and pat her on the back.

       I can bend my knees and crouch down and jump really high.

       I shake my head no a lot.

       I climb EVERYTHING. 

       I like to dance to all kinds of music. 

       I like to sit and read books to Mom although she doesn’t understand any of the words.

       I like to have Dad catch a Quin fish.

       22 mo – Mom is so happy because I will finally sit and play with my stacking blocks for a while by myself.  I have added Elmo (Mo actually) to my verbal accomplishments as well as BOOM when it thunders and BEEP BEEP when driving through the house on my trike.

       23 mo – I have my first freckles!  Think it’s because I want to play outside ALL the time. 

       23 ˝ mo. – I am becoming quite the ladies man.  I love giving the girls open mouth kisses.  I carry around a picture of my favorite girlfriend Olivia.  I can brush my teeth and sort of comb at my hair.  I think that potty thing is really cool and like sitting on the seat, just not interested in doing any business there yet.  I eat everything then nothing.  Unless it’s a vanilla wafer.  Always room for those.  I make lots of sounds for things I recognize, but Mom can’t understand a thing I am saying most of the time and is worried we are going to get put in the bad boy language development club at my 2 year check up.  Mom is guessing I am about 32 pounds and 35 inches tall.   I wiggle a lot though, so that makes measuring pretty tough on her.