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Bailey's Summer and Fall 2007

Yep, I'm growing up fast.  And being the second child the pics are few and far between but not because I'm not having lots of Kodak moments!  Mom says I am fiercely independent and a real pistol.   I have no interest in TV or any of that stuff.  All I need is my brother to play with.

16 months here with a balloon from brother's birthday.

Mmmm. Mmmm. That Granny is great.

Even I got a present at Quin's birthday

Watching brother open his birthday presents July 07

Wow Balloons...

Mom says this balloons gonna pop if I keep rolling on it. What does she know?

Whaaaaaaaaaa! It popped!!!!

What, there are more balloons?

Trading pacies with Granny

I love playing with my Granny


Bailey with Granny and Quin

Here you go sister

Brother you're the best.

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