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Up to about 6 months old.  Mom says she's amazed how different two babies can be.  Quin is the reader and watcher and Bailey Grace has to get her hands on it, take it apart if she can and figure out what makes it tick.  Quin is a wonderful big brother and takes great care of 'Baby Baiwee'


Bailey Grace 4 months old

Bailey in her baptism gown with Mom

Quin and Bailey August 06

Bailey Grace 5 months

Glamour Gracie Girl - 5 months

Quin washing Bailey - 5 months

First Cereal at 5 1/2 months

Hey Mom, there's a sale!

Mom asked Quin to give Bailey just one toy

Bailey Grace with Olivia

First tattoo with Gentian Violet

In brothers stuff already

Gable Babies Sep 06

Mom lets Quin give Bailey a bottle

Save this for later. Quin and Bailey playing peacefully

Sitting up on the bug mat.

Mmmmm Banana

Mmmm Tasty!

Mom! She's got me!

The house that Quin and Dad built for Bill and Ben

Slipping in another picture of Big Brother Quin

Bathing Beauty at 5 1/2 months

A familiar profile. Bailey or Courtney at 6 months

Sitting Pretty at 6 months

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