4 Months


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I am growing fast!  Just look at these cheeks!


Milk Hangover

Daddy, I can't wait to walk!

Aggies 12th man

Happy Bailey in the Bouncy Seat

Happy Bailey in the swing

With Grandma in July

With Aunt Alice Anne in July

Tummy Time!

What do you mean I'm still almost bald?

Daddy's Hat

Hanging with Daddy and Big Brother

Something about Daddy snuggling always puts me to sleep

Thanks Big Brother!

Granny's here!

See my pretty Baptism gown Granny got for me?

Mom loves the hat most.

With Quin on Baptism Day

With my Granny

With Grandmere and Grandpere

My family and Pastor Bryars on Baptism Day.

Tummy time au naturale...

Ok, Mom, we get it, I'm cute...

Hi, Mom...

Here's some more spit for you (Yuck!)

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