Bailey 2 Years


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Bailey 2 Years


Bailey Grace's Second Birthday!

Two years old can you believe it?  And am I ever 2.  I speak in full sentences.  Everything is "I can do it by myself".  I sang Happy Birthday to myself for a month and told EVERYONE I saw "It's almost my birthday and I'm gonna be 2"

Balloons are the best part!

I keep filling up these tea cups and they keep leaking!

Making lots of tea with my sand adn water table I got for my birthday

And a tea party at my picnic table I got.

Taking tea to Daddy

Quin at my party

Granny reading stories ( I love Santa all year long)

Ready for my party!

Madalyne and Bailey with their babies at the party.

I'll take that cake now!

MMmmmmm Cake!


More presents!!

Granny, Bailey and Grandmere

Pretty Madalyne at my tea party.

Noah and Quin had fun too!

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